This is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

MAG portal problems?

NEW RANGE: new.tvaway.me

CLASSIC RANGE: classic.tvaway.me

ESSENTIAL RANGE: essential.tvaway.me

Please check and change your MAG portal address to match your subscription based on the portal address list above. The video below shows you how to do this on your MAG box.


What hours are you open?

Between the hours of 10am – 10pm CET. We aim to reply within the hour during these times. During peak hours this can take up to 3 hours during these times. All requests outside these hours will be processed the following day.

What is the difference between CLASSIC RANGE and NEW RANGE?

CLASSIC RANGE packages run on the Stalker middleware (Blue menus).

NEW RANGE packages run on a bespoke middleware (All in One Black Menu).

The NEW RANGE packages has regional channels from the UK, and provides access to Adult PIN protected Adult channels.

NEW RANGE has no category section menus like the CLASSIC RANGE packages, all content is within the 1 list.

CLASSIC RANGE UK+USA package & the ULTIMATE package are the most popular choice for UK & American viewers.

CLASSIC RANGE ULTIMATE  package is the most popular choice for SCANDINAVIAN viewers.

How To: Update the Firmware of your MAG box

1. Go to the inner portal settings menu on your MAG box.
2. Choose settings, then system settings system (settings screen has a Black background, yellow icons)
3. Choose Software Update
4. Press OK to verify
5. Press RED F1 button to update

How To: Change DNS on your MAG box

We recommend using Googles DNS servers.

1. Go to the inner portal settings menu on your MAG box.
2. Choose settings, system settings (system settings screen has a Black background, yellow icons).
3. Choose network
4. Choose Wired (Ethernet)
5. Select: Auto (DHCP), manual DNS
6. Enter the value:
7. Press OK to save

How To: Change buffer size on CLASSIC RANGE

1. From the CLASSIC RANGE main menu
2. Goto Settings, press OK
3. Goto Advanced
4. Scroll down to Advanced Settings, press OK
5. Set the buffer size (s) from 4-8
6. Scroll down to OK, press OK
7. Press Home button to exit back to Main menu

No TV Guide on NEW RANGE?

We believe you have not set the NTP time server settings as per the setup guide instructions.

Please navigate to the inner portal ( black menu, yellow icons )

  • Go to settings
  • Go to servers
  • Go to general
  • Enter: pool.ntp.org
  • save
  • exit
  • launch the portal again
What is included in the 24 hour pass?

The 24 hour pass shows a selection of channels available from the ULTIMATE package of its respective portal range.  A list of channels can be found on the package range pages of this website. All channels are not included in the 24 hour pass. This selection changes daily. The purpose of the 24 hour pass is for a customer to ascertain wether or not a customer wants to purchase a longer term package.

Why was my purchase(s) cancelled?

Around 5% of transactions are flagged as potentially fraudulent. Each and every time you place an order with us it is processed by companies specialising in Anti Fraud. We use leading companies like Fortier, Signified and Riskified.  If the checks are flagged they will be queued for review and/or cancelled. The credit card processing companies record and assess your Digital fingerprint. They cannot be fooled by changing things like your IP address, using VPN or proxy technologies, using different names, different emails, different addresses, different cards, or multiple attempts at a transaction… If you carry out any of these practices, the order is flagged as a risk of fraud and a breach of the terms and conditions which results in an automatic cancellation. There is a number of other pattern checking and deep analysis practices our payment system carries out, rest assured our payment system is very secure. Sometimes the processing companies get it wrong and genuine customers are blocked for inaccurate decisions. If your order is flagged as a risk of being fraudulent, we may contact you to verify your identity. We would never ask you to reveal any bank account information or credit card information. Please never give these details to anyone over the phone or email.

No sound on MAG BOX packages, only picture?

You may have already tried these:

1. Navigate to the inner portal on the MAG box (The black menu with yellow icons). Go to Audio, Set initial Volume to 100, and set audio output mode to Stereo. Exit and reboot device.


2. As simple as it sounds this is very common to be overlooked. Make sure the audio is not muted, also use the volume controls on the MAG box remote as well as the TV remote. Again check the TV remote for muted. If you are using an audio amp or processor please try using plain old HMDI to the TV to make sure its not an issue with any other equipment.


3. Try another HDMI cable. As simple as this sounds, this can often be overlooked as the problem.


4. Navigate to the inner portal on the MAG box  (The black menu with yellow icons). Select Reset settings. WARNING: this will erase your personalised settings on your MAG box. You will need to re enter the portal address: new.tvaway.com again to access the NEW RANGE Packages or portal address: classic.tvaway.com again to access the CLASSIC RANGE Packages.


5. Navigate to the inner portal on the MAG box  (The black menu with yellow icons). Select software update. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update. After update completes please check for audio again.


6. If none of the above works for you please try your MAG box at another premises. New TV, New Network connection, new everything. If it still does not work there maybe a fault with your MAG box. In the event of this please contact the supplier of the box and ask about warranty and returns procedure.

What should I set my video settings to?

We recommend using an HDMI cable to connect to your TV for the best viewing experience.

  1. navigate to the inner portal settings
  2. go to video
  3. set video output mode to 720p-504.
  4. set graphic resolution to 1280×720
  5. save and exit the portal
  6. Reload the portal
Why choose TVaway?

Our service provides stable, quality IPTV with 1st class support and customer service. At TV away IPTV, Its our mission to be the best provider of TV packages within the IPTV marketplace. Our structure allows for the growing demand of our service. We continually reinvest in our infrastructure. We never over capacity our servers, ensuring the best viewing experience possible. We believe this approach opposed to a no frills service is the reason we are recommend by so many of our customers. At TV away we look forward to welcoming and serving you as a long term customer, not just signing you up and forgetting about you. We are here to provide the best IPTV viewing experience and customer service possible. Try us for 24 hours at only €2.

Can I use my own MAG Set Top Box?

YES. If you already own a MAG box, you can connect to the services for free. There is NO setup fee. Just purchase the package you want & complete the setup guide found on this website.

Can I use my own XBMC/KODI setup?

YES. We recommend the latest standard release of KODI. This can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, KodiBuntu, iOS, Raspberry Pi. We do not support the Add on being used on any development builds, nightly builds, beta builds, forked editions or ported variants of KODI of any kind. Despite the great en devours of these coders and communities making these editions, they can be problematic and unreliable and do not give a true representation of the stable service on offer. In addition we no longer support XBMC or any older revisions of KODI previous to v14.2 Helix. Thanks for your understanding. If all this KODI jargon seems complicated, please forget about using KODI and use the simple but very effective MAG set top box to enjoy the great packages at TV away IPTV.

What hardware can I run XBMC/KODI on?

This is an ever updating list. Currently KODI can be installed on the following devices: Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromebox, Boxee Box, Cubox-i, Gigabyte Brix, Google Nexus Player, Intel NUC, OUYA, Raspberry Pi, x86 hardware, ARM hardware devices in Android phones & Tablets. WeTek Play. As we said KODI can be downloaded for: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, KodiBuntu, iOS, Raspberry Pi platforms. Please note we do not provide support for any KODI platform due to the large and ever growing array of hardware that its being built for.

What hardware do you recommend to run KODI?

We are not affiliated with any hardware vendor nor do we recommend any hardware vendor. For KODI testing purposes we use the latest stable release of KODI on MAC OSX.

What Internet speed do I need?

stable 1.5mb line will deliver the non HD channels. The HD channels require a stable 3mb line, however 5mb is recommended. Some customers report our LD channels to work perfectly on internet speed as low as 0.5mb. Please note Speed isn’t everything. Via our support page there is info on testing line quality as well as speed. We recommend this before purchasing.

What do you mean by “stable“?

The download speed is not really the main issue that everyone thinks. To elaborate, its more to do with line stability. Line stability is measured by lots of different factors such as network response times, line jitter,  local exchanges, routing paths to and from your device and router, from your router to your ISP’s network infrastructure, and then through the internet to the destination your requesting the data to be served from. This data is then packaged up, literally bit by bit and sent back to your device where the request originated. As long as the request remains open from your end this transmission and flow of data will continue. If your request is interrupted along the way, it may result in buffering, freezing, blocky picture or disconnects.

How do I check my Internet speed & quality?

Please use the speed test server below to test your Internet connection. Do this a few times throughout the day. This will give you a good idea of the overall Internet speed that’s available to you. A stable 1.5mb line will deliver the non HD channels without problem. The HD channels require a stable 3mb line.

Check your speed here.

Check your quality here.

Should I move to another ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

If your internet feels very slow, this is more than likely network congestion issues or over utilized circuits at the exchange by your ISP. ISP’s are not too good at owning up to the fact that this is usually the case or the fact they may be performing maintenance, repairs or upgrades to their infrastructure. As a home user you really have no rights to compensation from an ISP. There terms and conditions and in particular their SLA (Service Level Agreement) is not geared up in favor of the home user. Moving ISP normally doesn’t help either. You may get a friendlier person on the phone elsewhere but that’s it. Sorry, its the truth. All ISP’s use the same circuits that your data will pass through, other than their own servers. Chances are if your moving from one of the big ISP’s to a smaller or new ISP your service may be worse. Smaller companies than the major telephone companies have less server and switching capacity infrastructure resulting in less capacity to get the job done any better or quicker. Its common sense really. We don’t want to burst your bubble or get your hopes up that moving ISP is the answer. 4g when it works is  great, however coverage is not widespread and speeds vary massively. We recommend sticking to one of the big ISP’s that’s available to you. Still not sure if IPTV will work with your current internet provider? Then for only €2 you can try our service for 24 hours before buying a full package.

How do I set the buffer size on my MAG?

1. From the main page navigate to the Settings Option and press OK on the remote control.

2. From the menu displayed, select the Advanced settings then press OK, now select the Buffer Size (s) (the curser should be already in the correct box) use the right arrow key to up this value from 8-15. You will need to see what suits your connection best. Everyone is different.

3. Now use the down arrow key to go to the OK button at the bottom and press OK. This will take you back to the main settings menu, use the down arrow to select Reboot device and press OK on the remote, you will be asked to confirm by selecting OK again, then pressing OK on the remote.

4. Your video streaming should now be more stable than before. The picture loading time (the blue progressive line) will take slightly longer than before you changed the settings.

Will any Wi-Fi dongle work with a MAG box?

No. We have tested the Tenda W311U+. This will work correctly and is compatible with the system. Please note we do not support Wi-Fi due to the wide scope of variables that can cause degradation to the service experience. Please use Ethernet its much more stable.

How do I customize the city shown on the main screen on my MAG box?

This is covered in our video setup guide. From Main Menu select Settings, then select LOCALISATION, then select Country and/or City and press OK. The on screen keyboard will appear ready for you to type in the name of your desired city.  If the country / city is available on our system the name will appear. Press EXIT (to close the on screen keyboard) and use the arrow keys to select the desired country/city and then press OK to confirm the selection.  If all is correct then press the GREEN Hotkey, marked SAVE, and you will be prompted to save STB settings by pressing OK again.  The box will reboot and your custom city will be displayed.

How do I access the grid style EPG guide on the CLASSIC RANGE packages?

Press the EPG Button or press the INFO button “i” on your remote control when you are in a channel list view.

Can I display the time on screen?

Yes. Just press the CLOCK button on your remote control to turn on / off the on screen time display.

Do you have subtitles available?

On the NEW RANGE, Yes on the 5 basic UK channels.


How do I access extended information / functions on MAG CLASSIC?

Just press the INFO Button on the remote control in any menu / program and if extended information / options are available they will be displayed along with options for extended functions usually controlled by the COLORED HOTKEYS.

How can I search the channels?

Channels can be searched by:

1. Category (i.e. Entertainment, Sport, Movies…) on KODI & CLASSIC MAG

2. Channel number (i.e channel 1 = BBC1. These numbers are displayed In the Guide next to the channel Name) On CLASSIC MAG and NEW RANGE MAG

3. Favourites (You can add any channels you wish to favourites) on both KODI & CLASSIC

4. All (This lists all the channels in your package. You can scroll page by page) On CLASSIC & NEW RANGE MAG

You can also play a channel whilst using the Guide at the same time. On ALL PACKAGES

Can I Pause, Rewind, and Fast Forward Catch up?

On CLASSIC RANGE packages, MOBILE RANGE packages and NEW RANGE packages, Yes. On KODI RANGE & MATRIX RANGE there is NO CATCH UP. The remote control you will see a set of keys that allow you to Pause, Play, Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward in Catch-up. In Catch-up viewing, pressing the OK or INFO button will also show you the program length and your position within the program.

Press the Fast Forward or Rewind Keys MULTIPLE TIMES to move around in the program, along with PAUSE / PLAY to start or pause playback, and pressing the STOP button will close playback and return you to the Catch-up Menu Screen.

Do you have VOD (Video On Demand)?

VOD is available on all systems accept KODI. The VOD content is 3rd party. We do not own, control or guarantee any aspect of VOD.

Can I Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward & Stop content?

You can pause LIVE TV on NEW RANGE & MOBILE range packages only.

Can I Record streams?


On a MAG box, can I view a video or listen to music I have on a USB Drive/Hard Disk?

YES. Plug the drive into one of the USB ports on the MAG box, and wait a few seconds for the box to recognise the drive. (An On Screen Message will appear to show you that the drive has been located and is ready for usage).

From the INNER PORTAL Menu, navigate to your DRIVE and the FILE that you would like to playback. Press OK to LOAD/VIEW the file, and use the VIDEO PLAYBACK controls to pause / play / etc.

Can I view the services on multiple TV sets?

In order to view the Media Services on multiple TV sets, you will need to connect a Modulator Unit to the AV output of the MAG box, and connect the Coaxial cable of your other TV/ TV sets to the output of the modulator unit.

Once connected you will need to set a frequency on the modulator unit, and tune your TV sets to the correct frequency.

For a DIY install we can recommend the Triax Tri-Link Kit, which also includes an IR (infrared) transmitter and magic eye receiver so that you can also control the STB from another location in your property. Check amazon for best prices and delivery.

Can I watch different programs on multiple TV sets?

Each STB is able to show one channel at a time. If you want to watch different programs on different TV sets, you will need a second STB and package.  The same package cannot be shared or accessed by more than 1 device at a time. Please remember any additional box / service will require additional Internet bandwidth. Please check that your connection is sufficient for more than one service.

Should I change anything in the extended setup menus?

Unless you are installing a Wi-Fi Dongle for Wi-Fi Internet Connection then we urge you NOT to change anything in the Extended Setup Screens as this can significantly effect the correct operation of your box. Please press EXIT on the remote control and leave this section. Again, our video setup guide has all the steps shown as to what you would want to, or need to change.

No Internet Connection using LAN cable. Help?

Please check that you have a good connection on your Ethernet Cable between the box and your Internet Router, and check you router is switched on.  A quick reference point is the led lights that are on the Ethernet Socket on the back of the box and Router. One of these lights indicates a connection is present, and the second light normally flickering indicates traffic flow.

No Internet connection using Wi-Fi Dongle. Help?

Please check that your Wireless Router is switched on, and check that the Wi-Fi Dongle is working. It has a Green Light on the top of it that flashes to indicate a connection / traffic flow. Again, we highly recommend Ethernet & we don’t support Wi-Fi.

What KODI support do you provide?

Installation is down to the customer. The SETUP GUIDE page has a video to assist you. We do not provide any support for any aspect of KODI packages due to the vast array of hardware and software versions available. The streams for KODI are all delivered from the same servers as the CLASSIC RANGE portal. Quality is excellent. KODI is complicated. If you want easy installation and easy use, we recommend the CLASSIC RANGE packages on a MAG box. CLASSIC RANGE supports MAG 250, MAG 254 & MAG 256.

What is Home Region Blocking?

Packages labelled “NEW RANGE” are home region blocked.

This means if you are in:

  • Scandinavia, the Scandinavian channels are not available. Everything else is ok.
  • UK, the UK channels are not available. Everything else is ok.
  • America, the American/U.S. channels are not available. Everything else is ok.
  • Germany, the German channels are not available. Everything else is ok.
  • Italy, the Italian channels are not available. Everything else is ok.
  • France, the French channels are not available. Everything else is ok.
  • Rest of the World, All channels in your package are available.

Check out CLASSIC RANGE packages if you need UK, AMERICAN or SCANDINAVIAN TV.

Note: All packages are blocked in the UK & ROI

Can I use a MAG STB emulator app to access packages?

No. We do not support the use of emulators. Use of emulators will result in account suspension. This is part of the terms and conditions you agree to when purchasing. Sorry but the packages were never designed to be run on them. They do not represent the true MAG box experience. They are inferior to a MAG box with regard to picture, sound, speed, stability & security.